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Nautical Rope

Power TO Protect

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Sling Webbings are used for Lifting Products and Cargo Lashing Products typically used in Cargo lifting, material handling and construction industries. Our Webbings are made using High-Tenacity Polyester Yarn. The melting point of the polyester utilised is 260°C; working temperatures range from -20°C to 150°C, with peaks up to 200°C and hence making it idle for industrial usage.

These Tubular Sleeves are produced in variety of flat-widths ranging from 25mm to 200mm depending on the rope size that needs to be protected.

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  • Medium to heavy Ropes

  • Durable & Abrasion-resistant

  • Water resistant

  • Resistant to Ultra-Violet (UV) rays

  • Colour coded as per users requirement

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  • Protection of Mooring Ropes used in Floating Solar Panels

  • Eye Protection of Anchorage Ropes

  • Protection of Hoses in Earth-movers, Heavy Equipments and Machineries

  • Protection of Rubber Rollers in Conveyor Systems

  • Protection of Pipes and cables in Infrastructure projects

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